What is Brezie?

Brezie is the world’s first self-feedback driven emotional well-being system. We believe in emotional well-being as the most essential factor for progress of mankind and are actively working on making our world a better place to live in.

Brezie helps not just individuals but also organisations manage feedback better by being more aware of how their customers and employees feel and working on these insights to create friendlier, more productive and more profitable workplaces.

Brezie’s smiley based feedback system is language independent and can easily transcend geographical borders and navigate through cultural barriers!

Brezie for you

Brezie helps you better understand yourself and enhances your emotional well being. Whether you are happy, sad or angry; simply express yourself using an emoji. Preserve your secrets in your personal, password-protected digital diary and look forward to simple tasks and quotes to keep you motivated through the day

Brezie for organisations

Brezie helps organisations get real-time and accurate feedback from their customers and employees using innovative feedback emojis. Our feedback collecting smileys and data analytics solution will help your organisation significantly improve customer satisfaction and workplace happiness

Happy today, tomorrow and everyday...

Happier people and well-meaning organisations lead to happier communities and countries. This is precisely the type of world we all want to live in and leave for our future generations.

Brezie is working towards making this world a happier and emotionally more stable place, one positive thought at a time!